Corporate Overview

INNITOR's portfolio includes as a manufacturer and service provider of electrical distribution systems for the Power Sectors, Chemical Plant, Steel Plant, Railways, Utility sectors and others. INNITOR offers integrated products which is most essential for any kind of electrical solutions. We offer end-to-end services from customised designs, supply, commissioning of the products in the fields of Power Transmission, Distribution and Substation projects.

Our history - Journey of INNITOR

The company, INNITOR's was established with a vision to cater to the growing needs of the Power Distribution system in several sectors. Customers sought for a one-stop solution and service provider to meet their expectations and deliverables. 1NNITOR was established to perform in Project based work in various electricity boards. But presently we are spreading our wings in industrial sectors also to keep our embossing.

15 years of Experience

In Engineering Projects, Project Management, Execution, and Bankable Infrastructure Projects.


Optimisation of cost competitiveness and quality standardization. (Read Timely Completion)

Experience of working

Experience of working in different parts of India with the ability to localise services.

End-to-end solution provider

End-to-end solution provider - including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance.


INNITOR was established with a vision to cater to the growing needs of the Power Distribution system throughout the country. Users specify upgraded products requirements that give us the opportunity to cater them the latest.

We have started our journey through different electrical distribution company and after that getting response from different fields like railways, chemical-steel and other process industries, housings and other utility sectors.

We promise to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in our service, safety, security, and to offer quality products and services with 100% satisfaction and guarantee. IPSPL will give everything to achieve this vision.


INNITOR is committed to form seamless partnership with its clients with quality and quantity of material supply. We are strongly committed to our believes :

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Maintaining and developing Client relationship
  • Timely project execution
  • Quality of materials